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Sustainability and Fashion: Gianvito Rossi's commitment


"I based our work on two pillars: style and quality. For several years now sustainability has become our third pillar on which we keep on building our future."
- Gianvito Rossi

According to Gianvito Rossi, sustainability is, along with design and timeless quality, a fundamental value. For a company rich in family tradition, cultivating a sensitivity for sustainability and responsibility towards the future generations is a natural and heart-felt progression.

In order to give concrete form to this vision, since 2019 Gianvito Rossi has collaborated with the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, indicated as the first university of the western world, to quantify its emissions and to embark on a plan of action tied to sustainability, improving the management of its activities in a perspective of Circular Economy.
The aim was then, and still is today, to use the analysis of the data recorded during the entire production cycle (e.g., analysis of energy consumption, which calculates the emitted CO2, and waste management, which allows a new path to be plotted, aimed at reducing its production) to mitigate the environmental and social impact of the brand, improving its economic performance.
This is a quantitative approach that has brought tangible results.

The procedure allowed the brand to understand its environmental impact and afterwards use this knowledge to mitigate its in-house carbon footprint. During this first phase of the project, the actions of greater impact concentrated on defining short- and medium-term plans to embrace the transition to renewable energy.

On the other hand, during the second phase the company will collect and analyse data relating to the key aspects of circular economy inside its production and organisation headquarters.

Gianvito Rossi has set two main goals to be reached by 2025. The first goal is aimed at extending its calculation method and the metrics it uses to its main subcontractors and boutiques. The second, and more challenging, goal is to define strategies able to reduce its direct emissions, also using offsetting measures, so as to approach carbon neutrality as much as possible for the brand, and hence for the product.

Gianvito Rossi has also contributed to a reforestation programme to offset any residual emissions. Detailed information on this can be consulted on the Treedom Srl website, searching for the forest bearing the brand’s name.

“A more sustainable world is a happier world. Today, as a company, we have the duty of creating a product of value that can last over the years and, as a consumer, we have the duty of buying in a more conscious way. Our vision of sustainability is guided not only by a moral obligation, but by the awareness that a sustainable production can contribute to the progress of our supply chain and therefore give an important contribution to our community for the future generations.”

Gianvito Rossi



Each sandal, pump or bootie in the Gianvito Rossi universe aims to enhance the personality of the woman who is wearing them. The styles we offer are premium quality and highly alluring so that customers want to keep and wear them for a long time, thus being involved in a more sustainable approach to consumption.
In a fast-moving and fast-consuming world, Gianvito Rossi is committed to the idea that high-quality standards also serve sustainability.
With this end, the exclusive Refurbishment Service is available at the brand's boutiques (for further information, please contact the Customer Service: As far as possible, the process involves evaluating the overall restoration of the product, so that the client's favorite styles can be remodeled with the utmost care.
Customers are offered unique assistance: after carefully analyzing the shoe in every single aspect, Gianvito Rossi craftsmen let the client know whether it is possible to intervene on the basis of the specific style and its state. Targeted treatments bring new life to the client’s favorite designs, which keep on living longer and longer.

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