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Heritage Gianvito Rossi: Italian Quality and Craftsmanship


"I’m always looking for that perfection playing with shapes and proportion to make the shoe a perfect balanced combination of aesthetics and functionalism. That dictates if shoes are really made for the people to enjoy them."

Gianvito Rossi



“The greatest attention to quality, in design and craftsmanship, and the continuous pursue for its improvement”.

The family heritage keeps evolving, giving great value to the craftsmanship and experiences acquired throughout the years. Along with savoir faire, and the precious heritage, comes an obsessive research for the newest innovative materials and techniques. A fascination which becomes a challenge: to create the most impeccable design, with the most avant-garde techniques whilst being true to the finest Italian tradition.

For this reason, maximum care is taken in the selection of the highest quality materials, as well as the handicraft that defines every silhouette. In the Gianvito Rossi headquarters, each shape is optimized by a meticulous process in which all details are studied in depth. Each creation has a life of its own, which is honoured by the most excellent quality.

Materials are lush and precious: delicate satin, soft suede, fine velvet, sumptuous leather, mirror-effect leather and soft sheer organza enhance the beauty of every style.



Countless steps are needed to create a shoe, and each one is as precious as the next. From the cutting of the leather, which is carried-out piece by piece to avoid imperfections, to the stitching of the shoe, where leather pieces are assembled in a slow fashion to ensure that every detail is millimetre perfect. After spending twenty-four hours in its mold, the finishing touches are rigorsans.

The extreme attention to detail and the respect of the traditional savoir-faire are the starting and finishing point of Gianvito Rossi’s highly luxurious designs, one-of-a-kind creations to be cherished through time.


The extreme attention to every detail of the design, the obsessive study of proportions, and the incredible amount of time dedicated to each style development led to a such superior product: a constant quest for perfection. 

To preserve the savoir-faire, Gianvito launched the Academy project.

Every brand has its treasured secrets that, silently and composedly, need to be passed on from one generation to the next. With this noble mission in mind, the Gianvito Rossi Academy was born. A unique place, where the most skilled workers play a key role in shaping the brand’s youngest collaborators.
Inestimable knowledge is passed on to guarantee, over the course of the years, the same exceptional quality that defines all of Gianvito Rossi’s creations.
To secure the knowledge behind the creation of a luxurious and refined product, which stands the test of time: this is the objective of the Gianvito Rossi Academy.

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