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pump and box


«What we have in common with La Bouche Rouge is that both our shoe collections and La Bouche Rouge’s make-up are meant to enhance femininity. We played with our most iconic colors for this collaboration, creating new shades of nude pink and red together as a tribute to all women».
- Gianvito Rossi

Red Pump

Sharing a unanimous vision of artisanal craftmanship and modern femininity, Gianvito Rossi has partnered with La bouche rouge to create refillable lipstick cases, covered in upcycled leather and coming in two nuances, pink and silver.
La bouche rouge and Gianvito Rossi have also created two exclusive lipstick shades, nude pink and red. The result comes to life in two limited-edition sets.

White pump

"The collaboration aims at the enhancement of femininity, celebrated through a common vision of modernity and sophistication that both brands share. In Gianvito Rossi ever-feminine universe, each shoe reflects the uniqueness of the woman wearing it, each style is a backdrop to individuality. La bouche rouge, whose meaning is «red lips» in French, also stands for having a voice, striking a message."

Pump nera

Craftmanship is where the values of both brands truly unite. In a fast-moving and fast-consuming world, Gianvito Rossi has embraced a distinct commitment in quality and artisanal craftmanship: all shoes are handmade as in the best Italian tradition.
Since its debut in 2017, La bouche rouge has been committed to making beautiful objects that last too, replacing plastic with fine craftsmanship and using upcycled leather from the Tanneries du Puy to make their refillable cases.
Timeless style, quality and beauty are brought together in La bouche rouge x Gianvito Rossi, a tribute to all women.

The exclusive limited-edition sets are available at La bouche rouge point of sales.

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